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Meet Hautica

Let’s start from the fact that it is quite difficult to find a company that offers print on demand services, the one that prints on different types of cases and dropships them. But that is not the main issue – it is even harder to find one that would be reliable, understanding and fully responsible for the quality of its services.

Whether you have decided to create your own brand but can’t find reliable company that offers white label services, you are missing fresh ideas for your product or you just want to print something for yourself, if you came across Hautica, it means you are interested in print on demand and dropshipping services and we are here to help you.


Hautica was founded in 2015 and is based in Lithuania, one of the small but beautiful Baltic countries.  It wasn’t some sort of coincidence that we created this company. We found a rather big gap in the industry of print on demand fulfilment – we realised that nobody can provide high quality print on demand dropshiping services of mobile phone cases. This was the main reason why we decided to set up our own manufacturing facilities and now the time for us to help others with these services has come.

We are currently developing two fashion brands Glitbit and Burga and also creating print on demand fulfilment services called Printdrop. By far, we are the best in our sector in Baltic States. The quality of our products and services is guaranteed by European equipment and the best ink in the whole industry.


We offer all kinds of print on demand fulfilment services. We have expanded our production within time, therefore at the moment we can provide printing on phone cases, iPad cases, mugs, canvases and posters.

Phone cases

Our phone cases are the highest quality products that can be used for many purposes. You can not only print something on them for yourself, to improve your style, but also launch your own e-shop to sell them, leave your order fulfilment to us while you focus on marketing.


Mugs are a perfect promotional material that can also be used for a few different purposes. You can set up a new mug brand and open up an e-shop. You can also use the mugs for different kinds of events and celebrations.

Wall art

This is a crucial product category for artists who want to transfer their ideas and works of art on canvases and posters. They can be used for your own or your friends’ home or office decoration. You can also open up an e-shop for your paintings and designs and we will take care of your order fulfilment.


During the years of working in the industry and developing our brands, we realised that there are no print on demand services that would be friendly to small businesses. Therefore, we decided to create a platform that would be accessible to all – big and small businesses.

We also offer design services. Our professional team of designers will help you create new designs, correct your old ones, sort out the files and prepare the design collections.

We will brand the product that you are selling and will fulfil the order that you receive in 24 hours. It will be shipped to anywhere in Europe and your customer will receive the order in 3-5 days.


We are not going to try to convince you that we are better than others; we will rather give you real facts about us that might become the reasons you choose to collaborate with us.

  • We don’t ask for minimum orders
  • You can pay per order
  • We are small business friendly
  • We offer the best quality for a the most reasonable price
  • Our products are based on quality
  • We provide speedy shipping around Europe
  • We help with the preparation of designs
  • We are growing rapidly and improving step by step within time. Although we have come far, we have still got a long way to go with a number of aims to achieve. We want to grow into a company, which provides the best dropshipping services and so far it seems that we are going the right way.

We hope to see you soon again!