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  • Printing

    We have established our processes and operations in a way so that you would consistently receive the highest quality prints at the competitive prices.

  • Order fulfilment

    Whether it is design, photography or art that you are passionate about, it is never a bad idea to turn it into a business. Let us do the hardest part while you search for inspiration.

  • Design services

    In addition to printing, we also offer a wide range of design services. If required, we can create design collections, adjust or colour match your files, redesign existing logos and more.

  • Bulk order

    This is a perfect solution for any of your event where bulk attire is essential. Mix and match all kinds of products with your logo, design or advert printed on them.

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A word from our clients
This is what our clients have to say about us.

I have been using Hautica services for a few months now and I love how they manage to not only provide me with the best results I could imagine but also communicates with me like I am their family member. To be honest, I don’t recall any other company with such outstanding customer service.

Sophie Berger
Instagram Influencer, France

I’m better at speaking rather than writing but I couldn’t resist leaving a comment after such a successful collaboration with Hautica. Guys, my phone cases are dazzling and I got so many orders! Hautica managed them all, branded my products and even added pack-ins – everything looked fantastic!

Samuel Sànchez
YouTube Vlogger, Spain

I love photography and I love when it finds a place in my home and in my life. Hautica offered me to print one on a canvas. I fell for it the minute I saw the result – the colours of it are as deep as in my photo, its sharpness is perfect… As an artist, I say – marvellous job!

Leila Moretti
Lifestyle Blogger, Italy

Ok, so I’m a real perfectionist and I only believe it when I see it and that’s exactly what happened with Hautica. They have a fulfilment platform, where I can easily create my product and when it gets ordered, Hautica takes care of everything from manufacturing to branding and shipping. Together we’re invincible!

Ciji Kent
Amazon Seller, UK

I’m a bit of a sceptic, you know. It’s difficult to convince me that what company calls its mission is actually an honest truth. However, I decided to give Hautica a chance as I couldn’t afford waiting. And you know what? They EXCEEDED ALL EXPECTATIONS! I couldn’t be happier about my decision.

Michael O’Connor
Amazon Seller, US

So I had an event to celebrate my brand’s first anniversary. I needed a bulk of products with my brand’s logo on them and I needed them to be exquisite. I am so grateful that I came across Hautica – they helped me in so many ways! My event was a dream come true!

Fabian Weber
Shopify Seller, Germany

I don’t know how they do it, seriously. I know how to make business work but what I don’t know is how to produce something that I’ve created in my mind. Lucky me, Hautica know it well – I tell them roughly what I want and the next thing I see is my creation in a solid format.

Frank Moore
Etsy Seller, UK

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